Papilloma virus angol fordítás, Az angol HPV ellen oltott fiatalok közt növekszik a méhnyakrák gyakorisága

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Manifestation signs, environmental risk faktors, histology, human papillomavirus HPV status, treatment and outcome of patients with oral squamous cell cancer OSCC were studied retrospectively supported by the grant Therefore the purpose of this study was to estimate estrogen and progesterone receptor expression in displastic and neoplastic cervical lesions and their relation to persistent oncogenic human papillomavirus infection To determine whether triage with high-risk human papillomavirus will identify all patients with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2 and Using monolayer and organotypic in vitro tissue culture systems, we have shown that there is no constitutive ICAM-1 expression on cervical keratinocytes immortalized but not transformed by human papillomavirus type 16, whereas two human papillomaviruses type 16 containing and fully transformed cervical keratinocyte lines do constitutively express the molecule Each cell line contained human papillomavirus type 16 DNA sequences, but the lines differed in the physical state of the viral genome present in the cells Expression of human papillomavirus late genes encoding L1 and L2 capsid proteins is restricted to terminally differentiated epithelial cells A survivin és a HPV human papillomavírus közötti kapcsolatot vizsgálva megállapították, hogy a survivin promóter polimorfizmus nem jelent kockázati tényezőt a cervix carcinoma kialakulásában